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One of our identities as a church is Family. As a result, we desire to live life together not only with our normal family but as brothers as sisters in Christ. We believe one of the best ways to grow as a family is to get away from the normal routine of life and spend it with your family (whoever you consider to be family).

One of the exciting parts about this Weekend Away is we get to do just that! We get out of town, away from our regular rhythms of life, and spend it with people we love dearly. At this Weekend Away, we will be staying up late, laughing, chatting, eating together, worshiping together, learning from God's word and making memories.


Not only is this a time that we get to spend with our family, but it also a time to focus on Go and rest in Him.

Join us as we get away on this weekend and reorient ourselves around the Gospel of Jesus!


1-3 May 2020

Location: Cefn Lea

For more information - like cost, accommodation details, and how to sign up - click the button below to download our booking form